Energy Conservation

Light Dimmers & Timers

Timing is everything. Dimmers and Timers are another great way to add some drama, highlights and save energy.  Dimmers can be used to bring lighting down to create ambiance or bring up to create brightness and drama. Timers help with making sure lighting is used at the...

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Commercial Energy Audit

It does matter which company is performing an energy audit in your building. A suggestion such as installing new windows actually may be less cost-effective than simply replacing your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.  A successful energy audit will yield savings of 10%-40%. The argument of...

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Our Consultations help you determine cost-effective methods of saving energy and resources. Green is the buzzword for saving energy and promoting healthy living through conservation.  We can help you discover ways to cut down on electricity usage and also inspect your home to make sure everything...

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