New Construction

Brighthouse offers 25 years of experience as Master Electricians. Have a new construction project or contract that you need full service electrical on? Just give us a call or send us the plans and we will provide an estimate for you. We provide full installation from start to finish. From setting the service loop to hanging the last fixture on the job, we have a full array of services.

We work with builders and homeowners to design and bring to light their ideal home. We allow the builders and project managers to do their part in leading the project and then we provide all the electrical support and installation. We know builders and Project Managers are very busy coordinating, managing, monitoring and controlling their projects so we provide quick and timely estimates and updates to provide support. Our installations are seamless and we pay attention to schedules and work with other trades quite well.

We go above and beyond to take care of our clients as we know they are very busy and have a business to run and maintain. We work closely with our clients and their customers to make sure everyone has the best service and installation possible. We know that our work is also a reflection on their business so we take very good care of our client’s customers.

What is in it for us? We care about long-term relationships and sustainability. We want to continue our work on a long-term basis and build friendships. We care about our clients and their needs. Call us or email us and we will respond very quickly. Send your plans over to us and we will take a look at them and turn around an estimate so you can plan your next project. We are here to serve your business and your clients.