Here is the Austin area, there is an abundance of older homes that are hidden treasures. We often hear from homeowners needing upgrades to wiring, panels, receptacles, switches, and lighting. A large portion of our business is for safety upgrades, and the rest of our business is for upgrades to lighting for renovation purposes. We love remodeling because we get to see and enjoy our client’s reaction when they see the finished product. With all the remodeling shows these days, clients are choosing to incorporate the coolest, cutting-edge updates to their homes.

We will do a walk-through with you on your project and consider new ideas for remodeling. We can also look at plans and drawings to get a good idea of what an installation will require. We work with the city on permitting and inspections so we can help with that as well.

We work very well with project managers, superintendents, investors, and homeowners to make sure they are educated on electrical standards so that they know how to make the right choices in upgrading or changing their electrical. We also help people know requirements for lighting such as support requirements for chandeliers, ceiling fans, sconces, pendant lighting and much more. We talk about access for installation, trenching if needed, any types of requirements to accommodate the NEC and the customer.

Our job is to make sure the client thinks about all aspects of renovation from an electrical perspective, not just what the finished product looks like. We walk them through the process so that they are educated on all the requirements and costs associated with their project so they can plan the perfect renovation. We don’t want our clients to have any surprises so we make sure we cover all the details. We want our clients to experience the perfect remodel by planning everything out so that they can keep on time, budget and in scope.