Residential Services

When choosing the right company to provide service for your home, Trust and Integrity are of the utmost importance. We take the fact that you are placing the stability and security of your family in our hands very seriously. Your electrical needs are just as important to us as they are to you. Whether you need a licensed master electrician on call, preventative maintenance, repair of systems, or upgrades, we are available to provide whatever you need to minimize operational downtime. Take a look at all the services we have to offer.

From new construction to an older home, we cover all of your needs. Plans and Electrical Prints are preferred, but if you need to walk us through a project to discuss installation requirements, then we are available to do that. Our goal is to be fully educated on your project so that we may provide the best service we can to fulfill your needs.

Are you tired of property maintenance, upgrades, or repairs? Then we can help! When an experienced electrician is needed, choosing the right company is vital! We take the fact that you are placing the safety and security of your family residence in our hands very seriously. Brighthouse Electric provides thorough and complete electrical services to meet your current and future needs.