Security Lighting – Motion Sensored and/or Time Controlled

Motion Sensor Outside Lighting: How extraordinary would it be to have motion sensor outside lighting?  Whether it is for poolside enjoyment or for safety enhancement, motion sensor outside lighting makes any outdoor living space beautiful, extravagant, and safe.  Why not use lighting to enhance nature in a lucrative outdoor living space.  Play UP what you love and Play down what you don’t.  Highlight the beauty of your outdoor space with the right kind of lighting and save money by adding motion sensors.  By utilizing motion sensor lighting, one can ensure safe steps as the light follows you wherever you go.  No more stepping out into the darkness because you forgot to flip on the switch.

Time clock motion sensor lighting: There are so many ways to highlight your world by using time clock motion sensor lighting.  A great example of this type of lighting is in the morning when you wake up for coffee.  Why not schedule your kitchen or bathroom lights to go off when your alarm clock goes off?  This is a great way to start every day without having to think about turning on the switch before your brain is ready to turn on?  Think about night time when you go to bed.  Lighting can be placed on a timer and programmed to go off when you and your family go to bed at night.  This saves money and is automatic so you don’t even have to think about it!

Remote Control Illumination: Remote Control Illumination is as easy as pushing a button. Want to turn on the outdoor living area from your kitchen or family room?  Just use a remote control to turn your lights on or off.  There is an option of mounting the remote control to the wall so you know exactly where it is at all times.  You can make any lighting you choose for the most part to be remote control.  It is totally up to you to decide how you want to use remote control illumination.  We even have a client that uses a remote control to light their patios, grills, pools, garages and outdoor safety lighting.  Your options are really limitless and you can use your imagination on how you want to use this wonderful feature.